This Google map shows our actual GPS track through South America.

Click on the Blue pins to read more about these points of interest.
You can choose three types of maps in the top right corner (road, satellite or hybrid).

Use the zoom options on the left of the display to see more map detail.
Hold the left mouse button within the map window and move the cursor to pan around the map.

Newsletter #1 13-Dec-08 Puerto Montt, Chile      
Newsletter #2 29-Dec-08 Ushuaia, Argentina

Newsletter #3 07-Jan-09 Antarctic Expedition
Newsletter #4 07-Jan-09 Bariloche, Argentina

Newsletter #5 07-Feb-09 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Newsletter #6 17-Sep-09, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Newsletter #7 8-Oct-09, Copacobana, Bolivia
Newsletter #8 11-Nov-09 Villa General Belgrano, Argentina

Newsletter #9 1-Jul-10 Porto Velho, Brazil

Newsletter #10 8-Jul-10 Manaus, Brazil

Newsletter #11 1-Aug-10 Cartagena, Columbia

Newsletter #12 19-Aug-10 Belize City, Belize

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